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What does that do?

Sometimes all you need is a starting point and understanding of what you already have. Peak Communications can help PCI can certify your network and give you a digital copy of your assets. In many cases, you already have the cabling in your walls and just need to know where it goes.  Can we show you?

Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

Let us tone, tag, and certify your main data room ( MDF). We can make sense of your current mess and make the IT closet a place of beauty and functionality!!


Outside Plant Trenching (OSP)

In addition to complete wiring facilities, PCI offers outside plant trenching (OSP).

Depending on the requirement by the municipal authority of the area, we bury the cables either 18 or 24 inches deep with proper insulation and protection from water, corrosive agents, bacterial attack and other harsh environmental factors present down there.  We also provide insulation for different sizes of cables depending on the thickness of the cord bunch underground.  We make sure to ensure the right kind of trench is made even in difficult situations near curbs, gutters, paving’s, driveway crossing, streams, and more.

(ISP) Inside Plant Wiring

Our professional technicians complete in-house plant wiring for industries, businesses, and commercial areas.

Our reliable team lets you customize cable types and colors for your plant.

To facilitate easy installation and ease in repairs and maintenance, color-coded cables are labeled and installed. This way mapping the area becomes easier in case of damage or mishap.  We have you covered from the outside connection to the device installation.  A-Z, you can count on Peak!

Data/ low voltage cabling

Our high-quality cable insulation ensures your safety. The refined copper wire inside ensures quick transmission of data to your system.

We help increase the productivity, safety, and security of your business when incorporated in automation, lighting, sound systems, communication systems, security, and video surveillance.

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